Eating better

As a mum I do tend worry about what my two eat. I try my best to get a decent mix of food
groups down them, but they do seem to favour the sweet treats out there most of
all… I think they must take after mummy sadly!

I cannot drink a cup of tea unless it is accompanied with something
sugary on hand.

But lately I have thought I need to possibly look at better options for us both. I need to get the boys onto healthier food and I’ve been looking at the organic food section on Ethical Superstore. The aim is to get it so the little bit of decent food I do manage to get down them won’t be full of any added rubbish they do not need! For one organic food manufacturers have to exceed the minimum requirements set out by the government to be approved as “organic” in the first place. I think I want food that does more than pass minimum requirements I want it to have to surpass every test and raise the bar on what I put in front of them! After all their bodies need the best to fuel all those adventures and activities they enjoy so much! I think I could do with some too, hubbie said I looked shattered today, whilst the boys just keep going like the Duracell bunny!

I am hoping being more selective about what I give them might help me out with youngest, he can be a little wild on occasion. Possibly if I was more discerning about what he was allowed to eat, he might begin to calm down. It is well worth investigating anyway, as mummy at the moment uses lots of chocolate as a personal reward for surviving each day!

But if you get a decent make of chocolate like divine chocolate (also on ES), it does have a lot of health benefits – honest, well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it anyway! I can also polish my halo as it is fairtrade and that supports cocoa farmers in Ghana. So really my chocolate addiction is helping out LOTS! Maybe I can keep eating the chocolate… after all ditching the nasty pesticides and additives is enough of a goal for now!!! But I could do with reining it in or my new year’s resolution to eat healthy will never happen…

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