Holiday Plans

always planned to go camping yet still over a year and a half on I am no closer
to my aim! I think the idea of being
stuck in a small tent with two semi feral children in a soggy field has taken
the shine off the idea… once we have done the mandatory toasting of
marshmallows and burnt a few sausages on the BBQ I would be at a loss how to
entertain them! The rain does tend to
rule out some activities (unless you want very muddy boys!).

I discovered Thomson Al Fresco camping holidays; if we head off to warmer
climes maybe we will actually get some decent weather, feel the sun on our
(very pale) backs and be able to wear shorts at some point! At the moment it seems to have gone cold
again and the temptation to escape the UK and explore the wider (more sun
drenched) world is growing by the second.

Our last holiday the boys had to wear winter coats to keep warm, even though it was mid May!

especially love the smell of sun cream; it reminds me of all the happy times
spent outside in the summer months. But
I am not getting a chance to indulge here; it is either overcast and gloomy or rainy,
making the use of sun cream a null point.

reflection ditching the tent in favour for a luxury mobile home makes
sense. I really am never going to do
rustic anymore as much as I try and convince myself otherwise. When I was younger I roughed it on occasion
(sleeping on a friends floor) but my poor bones ache by the end of the day and
I need to sink into a warm bed not try and settle on a hard ground sheet! Also the space will be nice, if we are all
tightly packed in one tent, where will I sneak off to get some peace!

I cannot see the attraction if we had a tent of heading to the toilet in the
middle of the night with my boys, armed only with my torch trying to find the
facilities whilst not ending up in a field of sheep…

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