Hot Wheels Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster Review

My two were thrilled to see these, I
think partly because they had a set each so said “hooray we don’t have to
share…” so much for thinking they were finally starting to like each other but
a big thank you to the PR for making my life easier!

We are fans of Hot Wheels already they seem especially
skilled at making innovative toys involving cars. This latest offering is no exception, if anything the cars have
got more exciting too! These roll into
balls and then pop back into cars when you press the button or drop them. They transform so easily but readily hold
their position when you want them too, but the design really does make them
stand out! They look fantastic, but I
am glad the look is matched with the functionality I mentioned. I remember some transformers toys driving us
completely mad not staying in the position we wanted! These stay like a ball or stay like a car until YOU decide what
you want and are then fun to roll or drive around.

The Hot Wheels Ballistiks Rapid Fire
Blaster (RRP £19.99 and includes one vehicle) is a great concept, you queue the
cars (up to 7) then can launch them one at a time at speed at any target of
your choosing. The toy takes batteries
so a laser lights to help you with targeting. 
But other than that the batteries do not add anything further, so if you
want you can enjoy the toy without them you can. But I feel more reassured if they have some idea where they are
firing. You may want to give them a few
safety guidelines before first use e.g. don’t fire in anyone’s face, the
ceiling, any pets, and especially any mummies!!! I think that the 5+ age recommendation is in place so hopefully
children have enough common sense by then not to do any of the previously mentioned

In the video eldest is really
concentrating but when he actually hits a target he is over the moon (shame
hubbie filmed the floor and not his face at that precise moment!).

As the boys had two vehicles each they started loading the Hot Wheels
Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster with
anything vaguely circular including their extensive bouncy balls collection…
they loved seeing how fast they could get things to propel out of there! But I highly recommend sticking to the Hot Wheels
Ballistiks (RRP around £6.99) as they are designed just for that purpose and
they really FLY out of there. Its
exhilarating crashing fun!

I can highly recommend these sets;
“awesome” is all I keep hearing from eldest! Visit for even more Ballistik driving adventures

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