Hovis Breakfast Bakes Review

We took these away with us on holiday to Center Parcs and they were a life saver, we had booked activities as early as 9am and not realised quite how much walking was involved to get everywhere! So breakfast on the run was pretty essential if we were to make it to those activities on time. I was surprised by how tasty the Milk and Oats and Oats and Honey variants were, eldest and me could have quite happily chomped through the lot in one sitting!

But we carefully rationed our supplies to enjoy over a number of days instead, which took a lot of willpower may I add!

We were not so keen on the Malted Crunch. But my mum on the other hand really liked them, she was enjoying them with cheese sliced on top. I think as they are not sweet like the other two flavours, they are nicer served like that and if you prefer your savoury food these too will be popular with you.

My son has school dinners, but on the odd time he needs a packed lunch I would gladly add a pack of Breakfast Bakes in there, so convenient and still feel like a real treat (in our preferred flavours anyway!). Without artificial flavourings and preservatives and another way to get some sneaky wholegrains in your children too! It’s just a HUGE bonus they actually taste good (on top of being good for you!).

Breakfast helps you get the best start to your day, without it I am grumpy and lethargic. But even in a rush I can manage to fit in time for Breakfast Bakes. Grab and go or if you have a little more time, ideally enjoy with fruit and a cup of tea.

Available to buy from Morrisons with an RRP of £2.19.

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