How to spring clean your home – without breaking the bank

With spring in the air, now could be a convenient time to spruce up your premises. A good clean can do wonders after a long, cold winter but how can you get things looking spic-and-span – on a budget? Well, a little creativity can go a long way, so take a look at these money saving tips and enjoy a gleaming living environment.

Make the most of baking soda

Believe it or not, baking soda has many uses around the home. It cleans silverware, acts as a detergent, removes stubborn stains and is often used to unclog blocked drains. This inexpensive, non-toxic power can also get rid of scuff marks or grease spills on the floor can be put in ashtrays and litter boxes to neutralise bad odours. It is ideal to use both indoors and out and is a great product to have lying around the house!

Raid your fruit bowl

One of the best ways to keep costs down is to raid your fruit bowl. Lemon, for instance, is a powerful cleaning agent and can be used to disinfect surfaces and combat stains. Combined with sugar or salt it also becomes an abrasive and is ideal for scrubbing up pots, pans and brass utensils. This delicious fruit also smells great and can be combined with olive oil to create a highly-scented polish. Pour a little down the sink and you should find it keeps those bad smells at bay!

Be a savvy shopper

If you don’t fancy making a homemade concoction, you can always hit the shops. Everything from surface cleaners to bleach can be found on the shelves, but always do your research before making a purchase. Branded products might seem like the most reliable option, but cheaper alternatives are often just as effective. Some even contain the same ingredients as popular labels, so it’s definitely worth shopping around. Look out for supermarket own brands and buy in bulk if it’s kinder on your pocket.

Use soap and water

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the best detergent and the most expensive surface wipes to clean your house. Soap and water work just fine and can easily clean table tops, draining boards, window sills, fireplaces, floors, skirting boards and furnishings. In fact, very hot water can also be used to sterilise surfaces, baby bottles and cutlery and is one of the most natural cleaning products we have on earth.

Spring is (hopefully) in full swing, so why not clean your house on a budget and reap the rewards?

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