Life in Multiple

I know having twins is quite special but I am not sure I could have managed it myself, I struggled with one lot of night feeds, nappy changes and grizzly grumps (with colic and teething its tough being tiny!) at a time. Even then I had some overlap with having to settle my eldest (I had a 21 month gap between the pair of them), but having two babies waking up at different times, may have been the end of me! I thrive on sleep, not that I ever get as much as I would like!!!

But there are plenty of things you can buy to make life with twins easier, a decent pram for one! I love the look of the Britax Twin Prams, very stylish! I had my friends old one off her, so never indulged in a new pram. Something I still regret to this day, as much as I was very grateful for her help, I think buying the pram is a big thing these days. Picking out your favourite colour and style and making an impact when you wheel your newborn around in comfort!

If I used the pram like this, it would have been ideal for when mine were little! I tended to wheel a pushchair for eldest and had youngest in the baby carrier. But I would have found it easier to manoeuvre and still have room for some shopping! But I cannot turn back the hands of time, sometimes you never get the pram you wanted. So if you are torn between spending the cash on a flash new pram, I would say spend the money, how often do you actually get to buy a pram! Okay admittedly if your a pramaholic you might go a little crazy but generally most people I know bought one decent pram and made it last. I just saw on a poll on baby center that 11% of mums (out of the 16,000+ who answered) had 7 prams or more, yikes! Obviously they did not find a great one to begin with, maybe they were holding out for a Britax one.

I love the colour red, so would have waited until the chili red edition is out soon. The pram we were kindly given was grey, as a new mum I looked pretty washed out (I had a rough first birth) I so could have done with the vibrancy of a brighter colour it might have brought some colour to my cheeks (as it reflected off the pram!).

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