Mountain Dew for your Energy Needs!

a mum is pretty exhausting; you have the mad school dashes, trying to get some
breakfast down them, wrestling them into uniform, pining them down to brush
their teeth all by 9am…

Then after school you have the inevitable requests for
friends to come for tea (to fend off on occasion if you can!) or it’s time to
take them off to some activity or another. 
Usually on foot for me, as hubbie is at work and he drives. So come rain or shine I am running around
with my two boys in tow, getting them to football, boxing or Welsh class (or
whatever else they are into at the time!).

the evening I blog HARD, keeping up with the constant stream of reviews and
competitions I love to host. You wouldn’t catch me doing anything extreme like in the video… but I still need to
keep my energy levels topped up! I had
some Mountain Dew the other day and it did give me a boost. I certainly need to get energised!!! You can keep your giant green balloon to
yourself mind; I will drink it sedately out of the bottle. Although it does feel like the advert when you have your mouthful it does really hit you! Gives you the caffeine rush you need for busy life, without drinking extra strong coffee (I personally cannot stand coffee so this is a much more pleasant solution to perk me up!).

word summary by hubbie of the video: “AWESOME!”

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