My love story

Hubbie and I met online initially but we fall for each
other quickly, it was a whirlwind romance. We met, got engaged, then married and I was pregnant all within
the first six months! I had come out of
an eight year previous relationship, that was stagnant and not going anywhere

The only thing with moving so quickly with my now hubbie
is our finances did not have a chance to catch up with us. So we did everything on somewhat of a tight
budget (usually people save for ages for these special occasions!). My ring was not the two-month’s salary you
generally recommend, but it was beautiful nonetheless (if a little on the small
side, blink and you might miss it!!!).

would never do things differently as such, I am still head over heels in love
with my hubbie but it would have been nice to have a ring that weighs me down,
studded in diamonds, which sparkles so brightly it blinds people walking
past!!! Made for Each Other at Ernest Jones
would do the job, as we were kindred spirits destined
to be together but I could seriously do with some bling to match the sentiment.

These look lovely as they slot
together perfectly, the engagement and wedding ring, completely complimenting
each other. Just like my man and me (am
I making you all feel queasy yet!).

maybe I can convince hubbie to save up and we can renew our vows with a big
fanfare. The boys would look adorable
in little suits and maybe we could book the honeymoon we never had… or possibly
just get a bigger ring and have a nice family holiday together instead! I will keep dreaming as in all likelihood
any spare money goes on paying the bills…

2 thoughts on “My love story

  1. Aww what a lovely story. We've been together almost 4 years & have a baby and there's no sniff of an engagement ring 🙁

  2. lovely story, me and my partner also moved pretty fast, got pregnant 4 months after him moving in, he proposed to me the day our first baby was born , we now have two children (and my son from a previous relationship) and a 4th on the way. still no wedding yet though, just seems so expensive to get married. I suppose the good side is that when we finally do get married and can get really cute formal clothes for our kids

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