Playing for Keeps DVD Review

I was quite excited to watch this with my sister in law (the men grudgingly agreed to watch too, as long as we kept them topped up in chocolate!). It was quite an easy going film with a predictable plot, but it still had some fine moments. Not sure if I have been converted into a Gerard Butler fan yet, but I do know some who go crazy for him! I think his hair was a little too wild for me in this film…

It is a film you can relate too, the ex football player (Gerard) who has hit hard times, after a few failed ventures he is at a complete loss and even resorts to selling his old football memorabilia (which aren’t quite as lucrative as he hoped!) to make ends meet. His ex wife is due to get married again and you can tell Gerard feels all wistful about that, he hopes to build bonds with his son and the chance to be the coach for his football team appears (and possibly the chance to charm his ex wife). Cue instead much swooning by the other mummies of children on the squad! It was quite funny seeing them all twirl their hair at him and bat their eyelids, hoping to get his attention. I do wish I looked more glamorous when I turned up to watch my son play. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks as gorgeous as ever!

I did giggle about the scenes with his landlord and Gerard passing on his advice “its the accent” to him. But with three women literally throwing themselves at him, he has eyes only for one so to be fair he should share them around a bit and not hog them all for himself.

Gerard is great with the kids he is coaching but his parenting skills are a little rusty (like when did a calming bed time routine involve a horror film! eeeek). His heart is in the right place and he does develop his character as he becomes more focused and enthusiastic on being good at something again, the football coaching leading on to bigger and brighter things, including the obvious bit still quite nice ending!

Out on DVD and Blu-ray today

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