Pocket Money Spends

boys have started earning a little pocket money linked to a reward chart; they
get a little bit more if they get more stars. 
But they have a fondness for buying sweets with their hard earnt spoils,
I do not like them having too many (neither does their dentist!). But I still
want them to be motivated to keep earning the pocket money as that really helps
me out (with better behaviour, concentrating on their learning activities and
being kind to each other).

I needed to think of a way to encourage them to spend their money more wisely
whilst thinking its fun and exciting to keep getting stars on their chart. I have heard of virtual piggy banks where
you can choose stores you approve of, ones you might support their values and
prefer your children pick their treats from. 
For example we are huge fans of The Toadstool with the toys being so ecologically
friendly so would want to feature them heavily.

We were given a voucher code to
spend on an item from The Toadstool as a taster for when such a system is in
place. The boys were keen to add the
Haba Sand Toy Brick Layer set to their collection of beach toys.

Getting them involved in picking is a good idea,
as they understand more about sticking to a budget and not going over what they
can afford to spend. Although eldest
has told me not to worry about money “I will just pick the expensive items I
want for Christmas mum (instead of his birthday) then Father Christmas has to
pay for them!” – very clever thinking but sadly of no use to me!

We cannot wait to get out in the
sunshine with this new toy once it arrives, for £4.10 it’s a complete bargain
that you can use whatever the weather (come winter you can make igloo’s with
the snow!) and it’s a relief I do not have to deal with the inevitable sugar
rush with sweets…

2 thoughts on “Pocket Money Spends

  1. Package was send out and should be with you very soon! Curious what your boys will come up with. Edspire reviewed these yesterday and Ester and William are only 3 so very interested in seeing if elder kids play with it differently.

    These are flying out the door by the way, just made a restocking order 🙂

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