Sooty The Children’s Party DVD competition

have another fabulous competition for you to win 1 of 4 copies of the new Sooty
release. Youngest adores Sooty now
after reviewing the earlier DVD (Magic Show) and I think this will be another
popular choice, even the front cover looks sweet, Sooty, Sweep and Soo wearing
their little party hats. All together

will be reviewing this title towards the end of the month after the official
release of the 20th of May. 
My two love parties and everything involved with them, so I think they
will be excited to see how the three friends and Richard handle hosting a party
and keeping the children under control! 
Maybe I will learn some tips, as I certainly could do with some…

you would like to enter just complete the rafflecopter below by the 25th
of May. Then you can party it up like
the trio!

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65 thoughts on “Sooty The Children’s Party DVD competition

  1. I just like to see the children having fun at birthday parties and them all looking so pleased with their goody bags

  2. Playing all the party games with them, pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues – love it x

  3. In Australia we serve up what is known as "Fairy Bread" which is slices of buttered white bread sprinkled with Hundreds and Thousands. Fairy Bread is my favourite thing about kid's parties πŸ™‚

  4. The children all going home lol. Seriously i love it when the child see his/her cake and everyones singing, its nice to feel a bit special isn't it?

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