Soreen Celebrating 75 Years With Chocolate!

We were sent a lovely package of Soreen tasty treats. The boys were very excited and wanted to eat
them all up straight away, but as daddy had the camera at work, it was sheer
torment for them to wait until he got back!!! 
Then it was all I could do to take a quick picture before they were
tearing the wrappers off to get chomping.

They were drawn to the banana lunch box loaves as they have had them
before and enjoyed them.

on the other hand was eyeing up the new chocolate edition released to celebrate
75 years of Soreen! Seriously 75 years
I am so impressed, this is a veteran brand filling tummies for a very long
time… so obviously they are doing something very right here!

waited until the boys had gone to bed then hubbie made me a cup of tea to
accompany a generous slice of Soreen. 
It felt very indulgent and I liked the crunch of the chocolate chips and
the chewy texture of the malt loaf.

chocolate gives you that fix you NEED sometimes! Well I need anyway, but with being quite filling too, you do not
need to reach for another portion quite so quickly. One squidgy slice stopped my chocolate cravings and left me
feeling all happy inside! I have tried
it straight out of the packet and grilled (I did not think it would be possible
but its even more delicious warm). But
you can also have fun serving it as a dessert with ice cream with lashings of molten

eventually let the boys try the chocolate one too (with two loafs it would have
been a little bit mean of me not to share!); eldest was unsure at first but by
the second mouthful was completely hooked like me whilst youngest on the other
hand prefers the banana loaves! But the
more for me the merrier quite frankly, I do not want to say just how nice they
are as my last few slices might get pinched by my parents or friends visiting
for playdates…

if you have some Soreen chocolate in your house keep it to yourself!!! When I buy the next lot I shall be hiding it
in a special place for my consumption only… (especially with it being a limited edition, please Soreen let it stay!).

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