Sticking it to the Walls

Our walls were looking a little bland after our
redecorating blitz of a while back. I
would not say I was starting to miss the crayons marks of old just yet but the
walls certainly needed something, especially in the boys bedrooms to look like
a child might actually reside there…

we received a lovely package courtesy of our friends at John Lewis to help us
remedy that. Inside was paint,
decorating tools, (rather randomly) some door handles and my favourite part two
packs of amazing wall stickers.

Nouvelles Cars Wall Stickers are great value for £16.99, they look good and
really made the boys room look more appealing! 
It’s great to have something extra to entice them there, so I get a
little bit more peace and quiet… they like going to bed to watch the vehicles
and imagine where they are off to and before you know it they have drifted off
to sleep – in my opinion that is a fantastic result and would be worth paying a
lot more for!

helped eldest add his stickers to his room and hubbie came in and said it
looked a little messy (think spaghetti junction!). So I tried again and we were quite fortunate as the stickers
came off without removing any paint and re-stuck where I wanted them to with

They are bright, colourful chunky
vehicles; children will love the theme and it will not age like branded
products do, which come and go in fashion.

pack comes with two pages of stickers, so I was quite surprised by how many
individual vehicles (tree’s and traffic lights) you get to decorate with. They can cover quite a bit of wall space,
leaving you to be as creative as you want.

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