Style Understatement

worse than being on holiday and seeing everyone else dolled up and although I
seem to have packed my entire (capsule) wardrobe I still cannot pull together
something even remotely glamorous.

My poor jeans (all too few
pairs of them) have torn in the knee, luckily sometimes you seem to get away
with this look, but mine isn’t a fashion statement, just the result of crawling
around on the floor too long (playing cars and LEGO!). Then I own lots of vests (mainly in black),
the fact that Courtney Cox wears a lot on Cougar Town does brighten my mood
lightly! But I would like something
that makes more of an impact…

and foremost I am a mum that goes without saying but I also want to remember
the girl I was, one who admittedly never had a hugely extensive wardrobe but
did have a few dresses to pull out for fancy occasions and the odd ball. Sadly I could fit into them no longer, so
its time to persuade hubbie that I buy some new key pieces. I want to keep my head high as I sip my
jam jar cocktails not hang my head in fashion shame.

weather has been pretty shoddy of late, so I want something quite long
otherwise my goose pimples on my legs will be on show (I really feel the
cold!), so I am thinking a range of nice new evening maxi dresses.

love the prices in New Look so undeniably cheap! Even hubbie would not begrudge me a few purchases at those
prices. £16.99 for this dress including
the plaited waist belt
(HINT HINT!), I would soon look a heck of a lot better than I do now!

With a dress like that I can always get away with wearing flats, heels and a night of cocktails invariably ends up with someone tripping and flying flat on their face (and I do not want that to be me!).

will make it to the ball…

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