The Happy Orca Review

the lovely owner behind The Happy Orca got in touch asking if we wanted to
review, I was very keen to be involved. 
I admire how Nova donates 10% of final profits to support various animal
charities; you can really see her respect and admiration for animals throughout
the product line.

was tempted by the Animal Alphabet t-shirt (£10.00) to
help youngest with his alphabet, as it turned out the t-shirt was a little too
big for him so he can grow into it later. 
Meaning eldest was more than happy to model it instead:

I think it’s good that
the alphabet is based around a whole mixture of animals, some quite unusual
ones that can introduce your children to new animals they may not have heard of
before. It has proved quite educational
in this respect, as now eldest wants to know more about the Fossa, Leafy Sea
Dragon and X-Ray Tetra.

The t-shirt felt like a
quality item and eldest found it comfortable to wear. I am not sure he will want to relinquish it when youngest has a
growth spurt!

We were also sent the A5
Notepad and Pencil (£4.00) and eldest has been trying to draw the animals off
his t-shirt (and the front of the Notepad). 
So both items have helped inspire him to think more about wildlife, want
to draw them, and learn more about them. 

The I love my… sideplates are a good starting point to talk about conservation and how we can all help
wildlife in our own way. I really like
the designs.

your children are interested in animals they will like the items available to
buy from the website and you can be pleased your helping to support their
future with your purchase.

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