Time for a garden overhaul

garden seems an extension of the children’s playroom, more things for
them. A trampoline dominates a large
chunk of it; we have quite a long slide and a selection of different sized tubs
and containers for youngest to mix up his potions…

he demonstrates here – I have a habit of running out of random ingredients, he
wants little bits of everything, this mixture by the end featured red food colouring in a
big way along with an assortment of herbs and spices!

is valued here; I have to fill water pistols, watering cans and of course the
paddling pool with alarming regularity! 
The boys want to splash in it, paint the walls in it and wash my windows
(least that is one helpful task you may think if they had not mixed mud into
the clean water first…).

am dreaming of a more adult friendly garden, with patio heaters, hanging
lanterns and sophisticated garden furniture. 
Our green plastic one has a big chip out of the side of it, that’s the
strong Welsh wind flinging it around this time (not the kids for a
change!). As we live in the sticks we
rely on the internet to buy most things, my mum is horrified as she says you
should test everything out first to make sure its comfy. Well seriously how can rattan garden furniture that looks like this, be
anything but comfortable!!!

need to get hubbie to mow the lawn, it’s gone seriously overgrown and you could
actually almost get lost out there. I
think I would prefer something more low maintenance, a paved area with potted
plants (ideally ones that are good at looking after themselves!). We do not have natural green fingers but we
enjoy fresh air, so the place does need a tidy up…

Youngest has tried his best by doing some designs on the walls to perk the area up for me (bless), but sadly its not exactly what i had in mind…

the sunshine finally making an appearance I am keen to have cocktails with my
friends and have hubbie stationed at the BBQ for the evening. Perhaps I could section off a little bit for
my dream space meaning we are all happy outside and get one of those storage benches I
can stash away all the toys out of sight (buckets and spades, seriously are they breeding
you start with a set and before you know it we have hundreds of them!). Off to nose round the Internet Gardener for more ideas… I need to stand firm and reclaim some of the space for ME!

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