Tired Little Legs

Hubbie and I are both looking exhausted, we very foolishly came to Center Parcs for a whole week with no provisions to help my two young boys get about! At home they have bikes and scooters yet here where there are huge area’s to cover to get anywhere we came totally unprepared. We have been dashing everywhere, with the boys on our shoulders, at speed to get to activities on time. When you have booked two to three activities a day (at completely different area’s) and have to fit swimming in and visiting the numerous parks, you soon realise the error of your ways.

I think the boys have built up their stamina somewhat, but I feel ready for another holiday after all this walking… I would even like to say that all the exercise has helped them sleep! But it has done nothing of the sort, they have been full of beans from dawn till dusk! Whilst hubbie and I have got more and more run down and lost some of our holiday glow!

Next year I need a plan, one that stops my boys looking wistfully at the bikes whizzing past us as we slowly and steadily make our way to each activity.

Okay we did manage to make each one, but only just and I would arrive looking frazzled and sweaty from the exertion! Most people holidaying here have all the necessary equipment, they have fancy bikes for all the family. Well I think I can do one better if we do come back next year. I have my eye on the bikes available at Electric Bike World, these really stand out! I would not have to see people looking at us sympathetically as we try and coax two reluctant walkers to “come along now”… instead they would be eyeing up our bikes! I would have to do some serious saving mind! But if we get really focused maybe one day we will be arriving in style.

I might never be seen sporting specialised cycling leggings and I might always be a little wobbly as I cycle, but I still have somewhere I need to get to! I can arrive looking a lot more relaxed and happy this way.

One thought on “Tired Little Legs

  1. Aww think you and hubby need a holiday for yourselves! Sounds knackering! Bet the boys loved it though! 🙂 xoxo

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