Woolly and Tig Toys Review

My two were sent a
lovely bundle of these toys from Golden Bear, youngest eyes nearly popped out
of his head upon seeing the selection.

He picked them all out of the boxes for one big giant spider cuddle! He is four and enjoys watching the show, he
also loves soft toys in all shapes and sizes, and he seems to get a lot of
comfort from them. He never strays far
without a soft toy close to hand.

night time his bed is full to bursting with soft toys, but he made sure he found
some space for the three new Woolly’s, some of his older toys were relegated to
the cold hard floor (it’s a tough life being a toy!) Each of the Woolly’s are very soft and cuddly and perfect
additions for fans of the show.

Bedtime Snuggle Woolly is quite sizeable so even better for when they need
those extra BIG cuddles and loves. He
did settle to sleep a little faster knowing his spider friends were watching
over him, with a happy beaming face its hard not to love Woolly. Even more so knowing how supportive he is
for little Tig (the three year old off the show) whenever she is uncertain
about something, Woolly is there to give her a helping hand and reassure her
about it.

Poseable Woolly talks and you can move his spider
legs into different positions. He says
lots of sweet things when you press his head “counting kisses helps you sleep…”
– bless! On the back of the box are
some suggestions of putting Woolly into your favourite poses (showing off,
snuggle, thinking and love you!) – all good ways to get your child thinking
about how our posture can reflect how we are feeling.

The Woolly Pick n Match Pairs Game was great to
see, it has 36 cards with 18 different feelings. When your little it can be hard to express how you’re feeling
(actually us adults seem to have enough difficulty!), so this is a useful way
to open up discussion about emotions and articulating them.

an eye out any time now as they are being released throughout the country,
making for lots of happy littlies everywhere. I posted a picture of our reviewing haul on facebook and it caused
quite a stir, I think these toys are going to be very popular!

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