Artfinder Competition

I really enjoy looking at pictures, more so now as a
parent as they seem great at covering up children’s sneaky pencil work on walls
or hiding greasy handprints that have marked a newly painted area. This competition brought to you in
conjunction with is for a limited edition print by Brighton based
illustrator Jason Munro. As the print
was created especially for Britmums it is not available for sale just on a few
bloggers sites as a VERY exclusive competition (valued at £40).

am not quite sure what angle he was going for when designing the print for
Britmums, perhaps with us bloggers being over-sharers generally happy out there
for all to see (otherwise we would all be at home writing diaries for our own
eyes only), he thought the cat sums us up, openly cleaning its bits – airing
itself in public quite happily… but still looking quite stylish all the same with matching sunglasses and collar.
seems a useful website to find affordable artwork. I certainly could do with a few extra pieces to get the house
looking fabulous! The site introduces you to a wide range of pieces, with over 6,000 from 36 countries, it can open your eyes to a new appreciation of art!

it is all about, I still quite like it and think this would be a lovely win for
someone (I know one cat lover in particular who has her beady eyes on it
already!). If you would like a chance
to win then please fill in the rafflecopter below by the 12th of

a Rafflecopter giveaway

144 thoughts on “Artfinder Competition

  1. Society' Giclee Print, I think its they type that you would notice something new every time you looked at it.

  2. There's such a massive choice it's hard to decide. I do really like 'Rainbows Of Dancing Flowers' by Nicky Chubb, it is £700 though so I won't be buying it but it does prove I have expensive taste! Would like to win the exclusive print to gift to a friend who I know would love it.

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