Britmums 2013 sponsor

much flourish and fanfare I am thrilled to announce my Britmums sponsor Tasty Little Numbers.

I must admit to being a little envious (and proud of
course!) of all my fellow blogging friends, seeing the stream of posts announcing
their own sponsors. Deciding to attend
rather belatedly, I thought I might have left it fashionably late… luckily Jo
the lovely lady behind Tasty Little Numbers came to my rescue! I shall be attending the ball (okay blogging
conference but ball has more of a ring to it!) after all.

worked with Tasty Little Numbers before and having a fondness for their
delicious chocolate bars I am delighted with this collaboration! Tasty Little Numbers are great for mums like
me! My tummy is still a little squishy
after having children but I do not want to snack on rabbit food for the rest of
my life in my aim for a toned and trim body. 
Tasty Little Numbers have the calories easily displayed so you can track
what you’re eating and a HUGE bonus is that all the snacks are actually
appetizing! Luckily they definitely
live up to their “Tasty” branding!

have sampled the chocolate bars, crisps and filling snack pots and have never been
disappointed! Well my only gripe is the
boys like them so much too, so I have to share (sob, cry!).

am looking forward to heading off to Britmums, networking, learning new skills
and spreading the word of Tasty Little Numbers. After the event look out for me if you fancy chomping on one of
their chocolate bars yourself! I have a
feeling I will have a trail of bloggers waiting for me to leave the event
premises each day (where I am officially allowed to hand out samples)…

you so much Tasty Little Numbers for enabling me to take off on my next
blogging adventure! 

Head over and like their facebook page and follow them on twitter if you haven’t already!

2 thoughts on “Britmums 2013 sponsor

  1. Thank you 🙂 If your heading to Britmums this year I will have to meet you outside to share my tasty wares 🙂 x

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