Buying presents for the awkward hubbie

My hubbie is difficult to buy for, he makes out to
everyone he is hard done by when it comes to those special occasions, birthday,
Christmas and Father’s day. But in
reality he always fails to give me any clues as to what he would like to
have. Well I guess he does drop one
giant clue but that is something so far out of budget, I would have to combine
all the special occasions for the next 10 years to be able to afford it! So that is one I choose to ignore…

is a lot like my dad in one way, he would never let us know what he wanted and
for years he made do with Liquorice Allsorts. 
I want to save my hubbie from years of Toblerone bars, my go to present of
last resort! I know he loves eating
them (as do I!), but I do wish I had lots more to choose from. This year I added some beer and a couple of
DVD’s to my Toblerone formula! He did
seem marginally more pleased, but I know I have not got it right yet, I want
something more original if not a little kooky!

My hubbie is a fan of
a Zombie series so I have seen a Zombie Gnome that looks like a funny novelty
although I do think it might scare off our poor resident gnome and possibly the
boys! So unfortunately I might have to
hold off from buying that for now, I do not want them running away in

However I think hubbie would
love it, so in the meantime as It’s quite stressful being a dad to two feral
boys, I think he would enjoy the bubble-wrap pop case. He can click in the bubbles again and again
to lighten his mood!!!

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