Fathers Day Budgeting

Money is always a little tight largely down to my holiday addiction! May saw us at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest where we had a fabulous time. It is so green and beautiful to walk around, my boys enjoyed the range of activities available.

Here they are trying their hand at horse riding (although youngest liked pretending to be a cowboy and saying loudly “Giddyup” a lot!).

Encountering Owls (eldest was quite brave but he wouldn’t handle the super sized owl, this was as big as he would do, not that I blame him the other owl was MASSIVE!).

I keep checking the website for deals as I would love to go back again soon. Largely because I loved being spoilt staying in a New Style Executive Lodge, when you have had a taste of luxury its hard to stay anywhere else…

So I was quite pleased when I stumbled across these idea’s to celebrate Father’s Day rather cheaply (every pound saved is another one for holiday fund 2014 after all!). I think my dad would be very grateful if we gave him a hand with the chores, mowing the lawn or cooking him a nice meal. He would praise me for being frugal, my dad is very sensible with money bless him! Hubbie on the other hand is having grand idea’s about a fancy gaming laptop. So I shall be sending him fishing with the boys instead!

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