Groupon The Big Apple Review

do love Groupon, the items available to buy can be that little bit different
and always seem good value. Armed with
a voucher to pick a product of my choice (within reason of course!) I decided
to review The Big Apple. Sadly I was
not being shipped off to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty rather I was lured in by all the sugar and the novelty
factor of American candy!

I now have two boys who are slightly wilder than before… which comes as no surprise
when the contents looked like this:

We have all enjoyed trying completely different treats. Eldest said of one of the Toxic Waste bars “I like the sour it makes my eyes go funny”, with his face all scrunched up it was hard to believe he was actually enjoying it so much! Hubbie is now a Reese’s peanut buttercups convert, youngest is just pleased to try any of them and I wanted to eat all the Musketeers bars for myself. The Marshmallow fluff was a bit different and can be eaten on toast apparently, we have yet to try that and have just been spooning it from the jar.

This selection cost £44.99 but if you consider it’s usually double that to buy, I thought I spent
the voucher wisely. I also love the little
wicker hamper it arrived in, which has doubled nicely as a picnic basket for

The only thing I would say is that Groupon is a site you need to check daily to take full advantage of it. So if you have yet to pay them a visit I would recommend one to see if anything tickles your fancy (and if not come back the next day and see what new offers are available!).

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