Hook, Line & Singer Book Review and Competition

were sent a fabulous hardback copy (RRP Β£20.00) signed by none other than Cerys
Matthews, the hugely talented singer AND author of this book! Youngest absolutely LOVES singing at the
moment, he wants mummy to think up little ditties as we go about our daily
business, so I am finding this book a great resource for keeping him
entertained and introducing him to new songs he has not heard of before (such a
diverse selection to be found here). He
likes nothing better than snuggling in next to me for a jolly good

The health visitor when my two were younger was always
piping on about the importance of singing with your children to help with
language development, so am sure she would give this her official seal of approval. Let’s just say she scares me a little, so
least I can whip this book out and flash it under her nose to show how hard I
am working at bringing song to my children’s lives!!!

only is it useful for them I found it interesting too, I like that the songs
have an introduction page, so I feel I am learning more myself. It’s fun and engaging having actions for
many of the songs so you can get your children up and active, away from screens
and embracing their creative sides!

found the morbid songs “too freaky”! 
But bless he is the more sensitive of my two children. Youngest could not get enough of each and
every song regardless of the content matter. 
But given the huge selection of songs your children whatever their
interests or personality will find something of interest here.

would highly recommend this book! Cerys
Matthews has done a wonderful job, I think having children herself she had a
good idea what kind of activities children enjoy! She definitely brought cheer and happiness to my four year old.

can find out more and make a purchase on the Penguin website. It’s no surprise the book is currently out
of stock, I bet it’s flying off the shelves all those mummies thinking phew
another idea to keep my children occupied and out of mischief. Remember the long summer holidays are
drawing ever nearer…

you would like to win a signed copy yourself please fill in the rafflecopter
below by the 6th of July.
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74 thoughts on “Hook, Line & Singer Book Review and Competition

  1. You Fill Up My Senses by John Denver. I know it's not a children's song but it seems to work wonders on Dex at bedtime. He discovered it on the BT advert!

  2. My two love Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts, as soon as it starts they both stop what they are doing and listen to it the whole way through. I have it on my Ipod so if I want to get their attention or stop them falling out I just put it on. x

  3. Gangnam Style – they used to play it in her PE class too so she would dance to it with all her friends (they're 5!)

  4. My son sings along to Pink's Blow Me (one last kiss) song when we're in the car. I have her album and he sings to this the most. It's rather cute, he's nearly mastered all the words, I have to sing a loud 'beep' over the swear words tho πŸ™

  5. My youngest Loves any song by Little Mix. This prize is very apt for my eldest as she was named after Cerys Matthews

  6. Holly loves the Grand Old Duke of York, instead of "he had 10,000 men" she sings "he had some pens"! (she's 3)

  7. Neve loves "The Lambeth Walk". As a Scottish Child and a Londoner Dad, It put a smile on my face to hear it in a scottish accent!!!

  8. We call it 'The little green frog' – it's the one where you stick your tongue out and sing 'lad di da di dah'! He asks for it a hundred times a day lol

  9. my daughter loves a song called the termite and the snake pretty much because it has silly voices in it

  10. Im afraid its Gangnam style………which unfortunatly for me that does my head in ..but hey ho the kids love it and it gets them active :))

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