Introducing Tidy Time with a Competition

with children knows keeping the place tidy is hard work, but come bedtime its
nice to sometimes squirrel it all away before you trip over it! Even a tiny baby can have quite an
assortment these days, ample rattles, teething toys and soft cuddlies so I
really liked the concept of the Tidy Time activity mat. I am impressed with the dual function of
somewhere for your baby to play and then being able to fold it up into a unique
storage “box” when they have had enough. 
If you have limited space, this is the perfect solution to where to put

my two are sadly too old to need one anymore, I thought my followers would
appreciate a competition to win one. 
After all time on an activity mat is very important when your baby is
little. They need to be able to spend
time on their tummies and a Tidy Time mat can let them do this safely, if you
only have hard wooden floors, this product leaves them somewhere soft and
gentle to roll around on and strengthen their muscles.

love the designs, not only is it a very practical item it is also nice to look
at and can even compliment your room with the “Match your furnishings”
bespoke service. What a clever idea and a good sanity saver (have unexpected guests, you could quickly chuck all the toys in the box and look like a domestic goddess with an immaculate house!).

If you want to find out more you
can read a fabulous review with some lovely pictures of adorable Dexie enjoying
the one he was sent over at My Mills Baby.

Now it’s your chance
to win your very own Tidy Time Activity Mat (worth Β£39.95), please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 2nd of July.

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110 thoughts on “Introducing Tidy Time with a Competition

  1. These look amazing! Such a simple idea but a much needed one – especially here! As Jai has so many Skylanders which he loves playing with off the xbox too, this would be ideal for him!

  2. this mat looks great, and when the twins ( that are due later this year) are not with us it will be easy to store. Thanks for running

  3. what a great idea, can use it for my little girl (19 months) and then for her little brother (13 weeks) xx

  4. wow this is a great idea so practical and love that it can be converted from a play mat to a storage box x

  5. I would love to win this for a friend who had her daughter last week, six weeks early πŸ™‚

  6. The only thing that could make this better than it already is is if it somehow drew in all the toys scattered round the rest of the house and then automatically went and sat in the corner.

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