Lakeland Mr & Mrs Owl Solar Lights Review

have gone rather owl crazy! I think
owls are such a popular design choice at the moment! So I was thrilled to be reviewing the Mr & Mrs Owl Solar Lights from Lakeland.

owl couple are very sweet; I think good value for the £16.99 as they make a
lovely decorative feature for your garden! 
I must confess after charging them in the sunlight, I brought them
inside and enjoyed how they lit up our bedroom!

They are just so adorable I have not relegated them back outside
as they look quite charming on my windowsill. The boys seem to like them too, so I might have to put them back outside and share them again…

The eyes glow quite brightly after charging in the
sun. Even in the dark gloomy days of
winter you could just enjoy the set to help adorn a neglected garden. They are well made and add a little character
to wherever you choose to place them or you could use them to highlight a
safety issue, like a step or an incline so you can walk more carefully in the
dark. You can turn the light on and off to conserve it too with the handy button underneath the owls. The pair have solar panels tucked away at the back of their heads so they still look very tasteful!

I think my garden gnome is slightly put out that I like
the owls so much! If you fancy your own set of owls you have to be quick as they are a summer special and may soon disappear…

One thought on “Lakeland Mr & Mrs Owl Solar Lights Review

  1. These are very good, I have them too for the kids but i got mine from Aldi for £3.99 each a few weeks ago. Just goes to show how much the mark up is from other reatailers. My owls are exactly the same as the 2 you have reviewed and they are fab and really bright at night.

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