Lakeland Sweet Treats Waffle Stick Maker

The waffle maker was really easy
to use, so easy I have been able to request waffles off hubbie regularly since
it came to review. For £22.99 it is a
small price to pay for warm waffles on demand everyday! Making up the mixture is a bit of work but
each batch following the included recipes made up plenty of waffle sticks

We put some left over mixture in
the fridge so the next day we could have more waffles without all the
preparation. Then it was even simpler;
in just two to three minutes you have your next lot of six fresh waffle sticks.

We had accompanied them with
melted chocolate and strawberries and it was such a delicious treat. The boys, hubbie and myself have all sampled
them and let’s just say its hard to stop after a couple, they are very tasty!

You can also let children
decorate them as a fun activity, adding sprinkles and edible glitter after you
have covered them in melted chocolate. 
But I prefer using the waffles as the motivation to get some extra fruit
down the boys, with berries and banana on the side, you can soon
get them eating plenty of fruit alongside the waffle and chocolate.

Last night my mum babysat as we
attended a school fundraiser, we were home later than originally planned but we
did not get told off, as hubbie produced a batch of warm waffle sticks for my
mum and she was quickly placated! I
think we will be experimenting with the mixture by adding cinnamon, syrup and
even chocolate chips and seeing which is the tastiest waffle!

Luckily it’s easy enough to clean the waffle maker as
it has non-stick plates, so hubbie has no excuse not to keep making them for

Available to buy from Lakeland

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  1. These look fab! I have so many kitchen gadgets but I might have to invest in one of these

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