Looking back

seems to stand still when you have little ones to look after, you feel you will
be always at a certain tricky stage – dealing with sleepless nights, nappy
changes or trying to diffuse tantrums! 
But when you look back at the pictures of them you realise time is
whizzing by. My boys actually have
grown so much, I need to hang on to every moment, cherish every memory and
cuddle at every opportunity!

hard to believe this little champ goes to full time school in September:

he will be away all day, I think I will really miss him. I want something close to me to treasure
until school pick up time! I know he is
ready to go to school and at times I am SOOO ready for him to go, but other
times I will miss my daytime companion and friend who I have some of the best
adventures with.

am going to see if hubbie will treat me to a photo-images.net photo pendant to help me with the transition. 
I can look at his little cheery face and think of how much fun he will
be having at school with his brother. I can do this!!!

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