Matchbox 60th Anniversary

were sent three lovely vehicles part of the 24 released to celebrate the 60th
anniversary of Matchbox. I
enjoyed watching the celebratory video on the website showing a father and son
unleashing their imaginations through playing with their Matchbox vehicles,
driving over rugged terrains, taking to the sky and encountering wildlife
roaming around…

know hubbie and our boys are looking forward to creating their own adventures.

a fine line up of a Routemaster/Double Decker Bus, Volkswagen T2 Bus (1970) and
a Lamborghini Giardo Police Car, am sure they will come up with something quite
interesting! High speed chases, with a police car in pursuit, encountering their toy dinosaurs or doing stunts off their wooden blocks. These three vehicles look innocent enough but just wait till the boys start manoeuvring them around!

especially like how each vehicle comes with a little box, it makes it feel like
a real collectors item. One they will
treasure and keep if the novelty of playing with them ever runs out (then stored
away safely to hand down to their own children when the time comes). I love the retro feel of the classic
vehicles and the boxes themselves, reminds me of how much my brother loved his
cars when he was little. I would always
have turns myself, vehicles are great for all children to enjoy!

an RRP of £3.49 they make a charming extra gift for daddy for Fathers day.

One thought on “Matchbox 60th Anniversary

  1. This takes me back to my childhood. We lived near Aldershot and there was a massive toy shop there that stocked Matchbox vehicles. My brother and I loved going through the boxes to pick up a new car. We had that camper van but in different paint job. You can't beat Matchbox – the cars we had as kids lasted forever and had loads of moveable doors, bonnets etc. So much better than some things you get today 🙂

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