MGP Scooter Giveaway

think its time to spoil my followers with something nice and shiny from the latest MGP Scooters range. You
could tuck this away for the kids at Christmas (saving a fortune in the
process) or give them a real treat now with the MGP VX3
Pro Scooter bundle. Imagine how well behaved they would be if they thought they could scoot in style! Surely it would give you lots of leverage to get them tucked in bed on time or eat all their dinner nicely… for a good few MONTHS I should think!

The prize includes:

1 x MGP VX3 Pro Scooter – in their choice of color

1 x SFR Helmet – in their choice of color

1 x Free Protection Kit of their choice

My two are not at the stunt scooting
stage yet! I get stressed just seeing
them trying to manoeuvre off the curb! 
But when they get there I would like to think they are suitably kitted
out. They have helmets of course but I
had not even thought of protecting their wrist, knee’s and elbows but having read on the internet how many moves you can actually do on a scooter I think its time to get them padded up!

We do have a skate park so I guess its only a matter of time before they start asking to hit the ramps with their friends and do a selection of hops, spins and jumps. With the right kit though I might not panic as much!

The prize bundle itself is
worth £133.85 so definitely one worth entering. If you would like a chance (you would be mad not too!) then just
complete the rafflecopter below by the 3rd of July.

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272 thoughts on “MGP Scooter Giveaway

  1. My son, who is 8, spent ages at Nanny's park a few weeks ago. He was watching these older boys do stunts on these scooters and thought they were awesome. Not sure I want him to have one (terrified of him hurting himself!) but he would love one. I follow and read your blog loads!

  2. i would love to win this for my grandson it looks such fun and the safety equipment with it would stop me worrying thank u for the chance to win 🙂

  3. My autistic son has just learnt to ride a scooter so he would love this and I'm sure his younger brother would also have great fun on it

  4. I was cycling home the other day when I saw a woman leaving the junior school with a scooter. She quickly glanced around to check if anyone was watching then leapt on the scooter and started pushing and riding. Good for her, although I think she could have done with higher handlebars!

  5. My children would love this so much she is always asking for a scooter to ride to school on as her friends have all got one! xx

  6. Scooter have changed so much in the last 15yrs,it use to be embarrassing to be seen on a scooter,now they are so cool….

  7. You're really spoiling us with this prize, and its true that it could be used to get a kid to behave for months, especially if a group of mates all have a scooter!

  8. I enjoyed the article about 'hoe does your garden grow-June.
    The peony looks fantastic, well worth the wait!

  9. Fantastic competition! My son and his friends have just started to be interested in stunt scooters, he has this past week told me that the scooter he has is no longer any good for him as he can't do bunny hops or 360's as his scooter isn't a 'stunt' one! Fingers are crossed for this competition x

  10. My friend's boy has decided he wants to be a stuntman when he grows up so am thinking he'd love an active toy like this & the protective gear would be well used

  11. Fantastic prize and eye-catching ,my little cool dude Declan would probably sleep with the helmet and pads on.

  12. my six year old son has recently discovered skate parks – this would be the ultimate for him, crossing everything x

  13. Oh is would be so handy-my 10 year old is starting Secondary School in September ( sob) and the school is a good 40 mins walk – she could scoot there in no time with this !!

  14. Amazing prize, my daughter would absolutely love this. I only wish they had these around when I was a kid :p

  15. Fantastic giveaway….and althought the urge would be there to use it as a random gift , its definately a good tip about saving it for christmas!! Especially as those of us that are on a budget are now at the point where we need to start planning for it! Or is it just me?! 🙁

  16. I bought my 5 year old a scooter for his birthday, but he hates it and always want his big brother's stunt scooter. I think I know what Santa's bringing!

  17. This would be perfect for my daughter – her scooter was stolen from school … this looks a fab set !

  18. my nephew is about to celebrate his 13th birthday and he loves all types of stunts (free-running, skateboarding, scooters) he'd love this!

  19. Love the scooter giveaway – my little lad has a 3 wheeler which he's getting too big for… this prize would be ideal!

  20. Being a mother was great…..a Grandmother has just the same strong feelings…I have 2 grandsons, Jaret and Kris. Jaret has a scooter but Kris doesn't….so this would be for him.

  21. Elllooooooo…Thank you for taking the time to do all these giveaways 🙂 Rosie is only 2 but she does have her own special little scooter with 3 wheels. That one looks cool and would be perfect for when she's old enough.

  22. Another lovely giveaway, thank you 🙂 A great gift for a wee one at the start of the school holidays, let's just hope we get some sun too! x

  23. My grandsons would love this to whizz around the garden and I would love to watch their Grandad chasing after them!

  24. I had not considered pads either but, having recently reached the ramp-scooting (if very tentatively!) stage, I think I definitely should! Heart in mouth constantly at the mo!

  25. Pads are always a nice safety thing especially for the knees, I remember hurting myself so much as a kid because I didn't think it was cool to wear such things!

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