My Boys are Growing Up Fast

Eldest turned 6 last week, I might still be missing sleep
but there are some things I am not missing, colic, endless nappy
changes, not being able to leave the house without a giant changing bag
containing almost everything but the kitchen sink…

So although it’s hard seeing them transform into mini me’s
so soon (with an attitude to match) I could not have kept them as babies
forever either. Obviously looking back
at the pictures of when they were younger brings back some lovely memories but
I still remember all the grisly grumps too. This was an awww picture, both of them copying hands.

However teething I found particularly hard, I tried everything to ease
it for them. I bought teething
granules, bonjela and countless of those teething toys you stick in the fridge
first to help cool their sore gums. 
They would often take matters into their own hands putting anything and
everything in there mouth to bite on to try and stop their discomfort.

Here is youngest with some plastic food:

Here he is modelling two teeny pearly whites, looking decidedly more happy with himself!

But there was not always something safe for
them to chomp on; they would get fussy and start crying, red faced and dribble non-stop. Nowadays lots of mums seem to have teething bracelets
or necklaces, which seem quite a clever idea and double as an attractive piece
of jewellery for us adults! Anything to
stop a fretting baby, although eldest seems to complain more now than when he was a baby (shame I cannot give him a teething bracelet
to stop him whingeing!). I am sorely tempted by the necklaces as they are quite affordable from Amber Pumpkin with pretty designed pendants, I just wish I had known about such things a few years back, it might have made life a little bit easier.

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