My Dad the Ale Drinker

I have written about how hard my hubbie is to buy presents for already, but like I mentioned I also find my dad difficult to buy for. I think he is finally well and truly fed up of Liquorice Allsorts, I really do not think he could manage to eat one more! After many, many years of them as presents, I think the attraction has worn off. In its place he is enjoying a variety of traditional ale’s. So when I went shopping last night I just filled my basket with a selection of them, I hope he enjoys them for his birthday but I still think its missing something. A friend asked did I intend on wrapping the lot in a hamper, I said I had planned on just passing it over in the carrier bags… I do not think she was overly impressed with that idea! So I think it would be good to continue my theme with a personalised beer glass from Shed Load of Gifts.

For £8.90 they are a bargain and my present suddenly looks much more impressive adding this. My dad is naturally quite calm, although he does occasionally get a little stressed (my mum’s nagging can do that to you!), so then he could reach for his new glass and feel his tensions slipping away! Aaaah bliss and good for his blood pressure!

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