New Shoes

I have friends who have tons of pairs of shoes, with whole sections of their room dedicated to storing them – all lined up impressively in matching pairs. I on the other hand have a tiny shoe collection to match my capsule wardrobe. I am most often found in slippers or trainers (for the times I have to leave the house). I would like to have a bigger collection, but I think I am used to prioritizing any spare money so its spent on our boys and their activities. I feel a real twinge of guilt if I spend money on myself, am sure lots of mum’s have the same problem!

Yet I think seeing as I am going to Britmums this weekend I could do with some new shoes to look the part. It might not appear overly professional if I wear my bunny slippers to the event as I hope to be networking with lots of prestigious companies. If I use a office promo code here it might help lessen the guilt of spending on ME whilst helping me feel more official, after all hubbie goes off to work in a shirt and a tie! My bunny slippers lack a certain finesse and I want to make an impression for the right reasons when I get there. I have bought myself a dress ready for the evening, the rest of the time I will be found in my lovely Tasty Little Numbers t-shirt.

I am sure I will be much more productive roaming the event in my shiny new shoes – although I must break my habit of swinging on my heels (I have broke a decent pair before doing this!). Maybe I should stick with some flats just in case I get tempted again! I quite like these ones, they combine comfy with a little bit of glam.

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