Skylanders Squishables Review

We were sent a Spyro
for my eldest son, who is a little hooked on the whole Skylanders concept. He has books, t-shirts, heaps of the figures
for the Wii and the bedding. I always
wondered why they had not expanded the range to include soft toys, but
thankfully now they have. But we were
sent something a little different with the squishables (RRP £6.99). Hubbie loves the texture he thinks its great
for stress relief! Eldest wants to keep
it as an “ornament” – just to admire respectfully from afar and youngest just
wants to stretch it to an inch of its life… 
seeing the eyes bulge is a particular highlight! Poor Spyro seems to be coping well with the
strains of life in the hands of a four year old!

For £6.99 it is surprising it is managing to keep everyone happy, which
is no easy task let me tell you! Since
half term descended my two boys have reached new heights of high maintenance…
all the squishing, squeezing and stretching of their toy has got to be helping
get rid of some pent up energy!

There are four to
collect, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, Spyro and Eruptor, so not too expensive to
get them all (unlike eldest with his epic set of 52 figures to play in the

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