Bath time has never been so stylish!

have been looking back at pictures of my boys growing up and remembering all
the baby items we used to have in abundance (a baby bath, changing mat, bottle
sterilizer the list goes on and on!). 
None of the items were particularly elegant, but they all were quite
functional and came in handy at the time. 
But I feel a little hard done by when you see the likes of this baby
bath. Forget a squishy newborn it’s
this regal baby bath that would have been getting me broody again! Shame I cannot squeeze myself in to it!

more a home feature for a designer house than any baby bath I have ever seen,
but surely us mum deserve to be surrounded in beautiful things, especially as
we deal with enough unsavoury ones (explosive poo out of the nappy and up the
back is still ingrained in my mind!!!).

the detailing of the golden claw feet.

When you first have a baby it can be daunting giving them
their first bath! I think to be fair I
found everything a little overwhelming after the birth; I needed gentle coaxing
along by hubbie. He was my right hand
man and seemed quite confident and capable from the word go, I on the other hand
was exhausted and tense after a traumatic birth (think LOTS and LOTS of
stitches, sorry for the mental picture!).

it can be useful to have some tips when it comes to bathing, I found a list of five
baby-bathing techniques from a midwife
on this Royal Baby blog post. But my
biggest advice to add to this would be to make sure you have everything to
hand, changing mat, towel, baby massage oil, clean nappy and a fresh baby grow
– the last thing you want to do is move around with a wriggly slippery baby!

I also think
incorporating baby massage after a bath is a beneficial to bedtime routine and
we used lavender bath products in the hope to calm and relax them! Basically hubbie and I pretty much covered
anything and everything to get them to go to sleep (The Missing Sleep blog title
is more from all the waking up they would do, usually as soon as we would go to
bed the problems would start!).

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