Bringing my happy gamer back

It’s hard keeping my hubbie happy, we are prone to being
grumpy with each other, in part because of the sleep deprivation and juggling
two demanding little boys (who enjoy fighting pretty much continuously!) and
also because with both of us being fiery Sagittarians we have similar
personalities and can be impatient and difficult. Luckily we both have lots of shared interests to bring us
together, gaming being one of them, although we have hardly anytime to dedicate
to it anymore. But maybe if I indulged
him in some of the top 10 pc games I might reclaim his heart and win him
over! I can but hope! Then he might not walk around with such a
sour look on his face. Like he carries
the world’s worries…

in the day he was quite a hardcore gamer with a headset to talk to his gaming
cronies and was a leader of some clan or other, now he supposedly has no games
to play and life is so bleak… you would
think I was a mean wife with him so hard done by!!! He can err on the dramatic side. 
Harping on about missing the social side of meeting up with them online,
his brotherhood!!!

do think back to how much enjoyment we had playing computer games together; I
think it might be nice to do so again. 
Otherwise I am glued to my pc blogging and he sulks! He is decidedly more cheery when he is
caught up in a thrilling gaming adventure or taking down some enemies. My eldest is taking after daddy and is
already far better than me on his console of choice. I prefer sedate point and click adventures; it makes me nostalgic
thinking back to my Sam and Max, Beneath a Steel Sky and Monkey Island
days. Then my biggest worry was whether
I would like what my mum was making me for tea…

being a mum is more exciting than any pc game!

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