Can I afford to buy a new house at the moment?

Our house always seemed big enough
until just lately. Now as the boys have started growing and bringing more and
more friends home from school for playdates and dinner it seems as if the walls
are quickly closing in! Their toys alone have a room dedicated to them, so as
you can imagine the space for hubbie and I is ever decreasing! The living room
was meant to be toy free in the hope to carve out a little adult space, but
let’s just say we have been a little slack and that space too has been taken
over by our army of mini me’s and all their THINGS!

To top it all off my dad bless him
has been feeling unwell so our dog has moved back in again, she is quite a
large collie so her and her sandy paws have been getting quite comfortable
everywhere again. The wet dog smell I can ensure you is very inviting…

So I have started thinking it would be lovely to
have a bigger house. There is lots of information available online thankfully
so it’s much easier than leaving the house with my two in tow, I can search
whilst they are sleeping and have complete focus! Otherwise I would leave the
High Street in panic, my attempts to bribe my children with sweets so I can
listen to the facts having failed miserably! You can check out the Halifax Mortgage Calculator for more info if you are tempted to see for yourself! I
think hubbie is not entirely convinced by my plea for more space so any
resource to show him it’s achievable will help me out in my quest to upscale.

I have been asking
myself if we can manage bigger re-payments than we have already? But by doing
our calculations we can see what we can realistically give up to live the dream
– cutting back on night’s out with the girls, ditching my regular cake and tea
sessions and not spoiling my two monkeys quite so much might be steps in the
right direction! If all that meant I
finally have the house with a long lawn to wear the boys out on, big spacious
rooms with plenty of storage for all their accumulated “stuff” and a kitchen
that will finally inspire me to cook then I would gladly make a few cutbacks. Okay the jury is out whether I could
actually give up the cake!

2 thoughts on “Can I afford to buy a new house at the moment?

  1. I would love to buy a new house but because I'm self-employed and don't have 2 full years of accounts to show, the computer will just say no.

    I think that if you want to move badly enough, you will find the extra money. I only pay for the necessary outgoings and if I can't do something one month, I don't. My daughter has way too much anyway and I'm happy to treat myself every now and again if it means that I can do something that benefits all of us in the long run.

    Good luck and hope you find your dream home x

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment 🙂 Yes your right if I put my mind to it anything is possible! x

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