Completing Project DIY

We have been updating our house and it went off to a flying start, carpets were ripped out, flooring was fitted, walls were painted and a few items of furniture replaced. Then sadly the money and momentum ran out, it’s awful when everything is close to looking just right but you have to stop! But then we realised we could carry on but more frugally, if we shopped around hubbie and I might finally live in a house that looked like it belonged in this century! As long as you do not venture into our kitchen that is… possibly a project for again!

There are lots of savings to be made when you have a look at homebase offers. I especially like the sound of half price; I want to get back into sorting out our house and especially the boys bedrooms post-haste. Prior to us moving in the house was rented by a group of boys (one of which was my brother!), they knew how to live it up and the tales of their parties here were quite legendary! I think they were all sad when we moved in and they moved on… the party house that time forgot was in need of a lot of tender loving care. Distressed is being kind about the state it was in!

The bedroom furniture sale might come in handy, perfect to get the boys rooms sorted, with the summer holidays looming I want to get it all done quickly, so I can send them on time out if they are being cheeky monkeys! But in all honesty I just want their rooms to be nice, children spend big chunks of their time in them playing with mates, so I want suitable storage for all the games, books and toys they have amassed! I went in one bedroom and thought I would not be found again, I wanted to send out an SOS flare. I would be lost, yet to be discovered under a mountain of soft toys till the end of time… (actually maybe that option would be quite peaceful!).

The Canvas Storage Boxes – Safari themed are gorgeous, the Lion one especially would have an adoring fan in my lion mad youngest!

They could cheaply add a little character and colour, whilst sorting out some of the storage problem! I also think the room stickers look good, youngest managed to find a pen upstairs and do a spot of re-decorating of his own! Such a shame when we had spent a small fortune having a painter decorator in to sort out all our walls, but the odd patch could be covered quite sneakily with a spot of Jungle Safari Mini Wall Art! I am still drumming into him pens are for paper not walls, one day it will sink in…

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