How do you #livefornow?

I love watching this video, seeing the buzz Dynamo is generating around London, more and more people noticing him on the side of the bus (you can hardly miss him!). Everyone’s phone and camera are honed in on him, snapping and filming away. Squeals of excitement and giant crowds amassing. Cries of how is he doing that?!?

Then he casually floats down and drinks a Pepsi Max. Very effective! He is certainly living for the now. Just getting out there, making himself known to the world. Creating a hype! I have no idea how he pulls it off, but it looks so real. As if anyone of us could do it if we put our mind to it!

But please do not go ahead and try, I recommend just getting a can to drink and enjoying watching the video instead. I am very risk adverse, so have no temptation to do such tricks! But I have my own live for now, anyone can relate to the campaign, the philosophy behind it. Mine would be spending time exploring and adventuring with my terrible two and hubbie. Finding excitement at new attractions and new lands. Often my days are not that exhilarating, but its amazing the rush you get just getting a unprompted cuddle off the boys!

What does #live for now mean to you? Perhaps ponder over the question with a thirst quenching Pepsi Max!

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