Hulk vs Wolverine DVD

Hubbie stepped in to review this, I was quite pleased as it gave me a moments peace:

Well what an animated film! Some great non-stop action packed fighting. You really see the depths of Wolverines powers, seeing him leave many enemies in pools of their own blood and him regenerating from the various battles with Hulk!

I don’t want to ruin any of the details for anyone but the opening scene is great with Wolverine suffering amnesia after waking up with some injuries wondering what happened, and then the Hulk jumping down from a cliff to stomp him some more!

The film features some great Marvel one liners, in a manner only suited to this kind of title, I love Hulk nicknames for people so basic but so funny, Wolverine is “Little Man” which I have to chuckle to as that’s what we often call Youngest!

I would recommend this title to 12+ as it is a gore fest! My wife naively had planned it as a treat for our Marvel loving boys, well luckily she doubled checked the age rating before they saw any of it! Definitely one for them when they are MUCH older.

Available to buy now, the title was released the 8th of July.

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