My Uno Competition

I think its time to spoil you with another competition,
especially as the summer holidays have descended upon us! Whether your excited or petrified at the
thought of the next six to seven weeks ahead you still need lots of activities
to occupy your children so what better way than entering my competition for a
chance to win one of two packs of My Uno. 
The classic card game is even more thrilling now, as you can personalise
five of the cards with pictures of your choice. Maybe some happy pictures of your children, so you can look at
them to get comfort when they are throwing a tantrum and remember what you love
about being a mum!

rules are meant to be easy enough for children to follow and having had eldest
come home with a letter from his last teacher saying the most important thing
to do this summer is to play and have fun, I better show willing, I do not want
to end up in the naughty corner for not following her instructions. Aimed at children 7 plus I know my capable 6
year old would be fine, he seems to get a grasp of things long before me. My poor sleep deprived brain is not what it
used to be. Plus even youngest would
probably be keen to join in when he realises he gets to yell out!

think My Uno would be a welcome gift for grandparents featuring cute pictures
of their beloved grandchildren (hooray do I finally have something other than
Liquorice Allsorts and old Ales to buy for my dad!).

Available to buy from but in the meantime you can enter now by filling in the rafflecopter below by the 8th of August.

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145 thoughts on “My Uno Competition

  1. I have some craft activities planned for rainy days and we are going to get out to the beach or in the countryside when it is dry! No holidays away though!

  2. Hopefully the weather stays nice and we can spent a lot of time outside, if not it will be lots of made up games and baking

  3. Lot's of picnics if the weather permits, days out to the beach or just some plain old paddling pool and bbq fun in the garden 🙂

  4. This is great, my whole family LOVES Uno!
    As for this summer, hopefully lots of family days out, walks and picnics – if the weather doesn't comply then crafts and baking!

  5. my kids will be off to their dads for two weeks which will be a great break for me but when they come back it's lots of cheap pic-nics and finding fields to play baseball in.

  6. We got this game from an Aunt & Uncle in 1980 (showing my age there!), they brought a few over from Canada where they had emigrated on the £10 Challenge in the late 1950's, not sure I've got the name right. Sadly they are both no longler with us, but I remember their energy as a couple it was amazing.

  7. As many cheap or free activities as possible, the local leisure centre offers free water polo classes and we've got some good cycle and walking paths nearby so should be achievable.

  8. don't have to worry about that any more, mine are adults so they have to amuse their own children now instead!

  9. We have got the kids a summer house so we should have fun painting it and putting some of the kids things inside. also plenty of trips to the park and baking.

  10. Family holiday, days out, trips to see family, summer clubs, free local activities – that's our 6 weeks sorted!

  11. treating the little lady to "potato city" which is pretty much any place with rides apparently! she does make me chuckle 🙂

  12. going to my mum and dads caravan for a few days plus loads of visits to parks and long walks when its nice and movie days and craft days when the weathers bad !

  13. aiming to do 2 major outings a week and smaller trips near by weather permitting. Got arts and crafts and cooking in the plan aswell

  14. We have been going on wee day trips out as there's not much for the kids where I live and just playing in the garden and painting, baking and jigsaws etc in the house xx

  15. we are going to get tired out in the local park and nature reserve, hopefully it wont cost very much money but will be lots of fun!

  16. Strangely enough it's been playing uno, various special editions from Harry Potter to The Wizard of Oz!

  17. We've already done lots like walks, picnics, beach and visiting family. We still plan a trip to Norfolk, our daughter's birthday party and Chessington 🙂

  18. we are going away for a couple of days but trying to make the most of the free activities in the area

  19. lots of trips to the beach which is within walking distance, my grandson loves collecting shells, feathers, bits of seaweed

  20. We are going to paint a cardboard rocket in the garden, do loads of cooking and baking and go for lots of walks to stop the house getting too messy!

  21. Lots of outdoor walks, trips to the hills, parks etc – we stay in enough during the winter who cares if it rains!!

  22. doing anything and everything we can in the lovely weather out doors and baking on the rainy days

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