New Look Festival Fashion Competition

think if your heading off to a festival this summer you cannot go wrong with a
trip to New Look! It’s surprising how
fashion has changed over the years, to be honest I think I have stuck to jeans
for most of that time, but I must have just been lacking inspiration! But no more, now I have seen what you can achieve being creative taking guidance from fashion through the years, I think its time I took my own leap and made more of an effort, and find my own unique summer style!

Looking at the timeline what year most appealed to you? Were you a rock chick, into punk with piercings or a follower of the Indie scene. I think I quite like aspects of them all, so I dread to think what outfit I would come up to left to my own devices. Luckily you cannot go far wrong on the New Look website and as I have been offered a Β£30 voucher to giveaway you can find something gorgeous to flaunt at your next festival. Or if you not heading anywhere create your own festival at home, but some decent tunes on, enjoy time with friends but enjoy better toilet facilities wearing what you have bought.


Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

If you would like to enter fill in the rafflecopter below by the 15th of August.
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377 thoughts on “New Look Festival Fashion Competition

  1. I like Boho Chic from 2013 the most – the closest style to what suits me best (although I'd love to have the figure for some of the other genres!)

  2. Not sure but I LOVE Asian/Indian/Chinese and other ethnic clothes, however if I REALLY was pushed it would have to be the 60's!.

  3. It has to be 1969, the 1960s bring out my hippy chic style. I still carry this on today. I love relaxed fashion and wearing sandals a lot is my joy. Long skirts, ribbons in my hair and I so chilled out.

  4. I went to Glasto this year, it was amazing! But there was no real look going on…just pretty dresses and giving up being clean πŸ™‚

  5. Glamour girl look. (I don't know if it was my browser but the time line was really hard to view on my laptop!)

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