Stress free travel, not found here…

with children is always a little interesting to say the least! When you’re a childfree adult you do not
realise quite the military performance a journey from A to B requires… you soon
learn to appreciate the dedication and stamina it actually entails!

You have to think about entertainment, snacks, travel
sickness (we especially seem troubled by this lately!) and basically making
sure we pack enough of pretty much EVERYTHING. 
The end destination always makes the preparations worthwhile (we have
had some lovely holidays lately) but at the time I am nibbling my nails
stressed out getting it all ready, thinking what have I signed myself up for, maybe
I should take the easy option and never holiday again.

Fortunately even though our car is tiny, its not this tiny! So we do have room for our bags, although we do have to pack creatively as our car is on the small side…

one thing I do not have to worry about is the kids car seats, as they stay in
our car I do not have to go off hunting them! 
Does anyone else struggle to find anything since they have had children?
I just spent an age trying to salvage my raincoat from the bottom of the bike
cupboard, lost under a multitude of random stuff!

I am tempted to purchase some more car seats as my parents have none in their
car, many a time I have walked up to visit them with my two monkeys and tired
them out there, only to find we have the very long walk back as we cannot get a
lift! So with much better intentions
perhaps I should survey what is on offer at K&, with affordable weekly payments meaning it might actually
happen this time! As much as it’s a
beautiful walk, when you are with an overtired pair the thought of just popping
them in a car is much more attractive, then all the coaxing and begging for
them to put one little foot in front of another…

3 thoughts on “Stress free travel, not found here…

  1. We have a long looming drive ahead of us soon ARGHGH, I know that feeling of wedging everything in the boot! We have seats we leave in the car too, so it's one less thing to think about – but many a time have we realised we have forgotten them and had to walk like you – grrrr!

  2. Its no easier when they get older!..the "Are we nearly there yet" brigade! But at least they don't need car seats anymore.

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