Super-sizing my mattress

Now I am getting a little older; comfort is key! I actually woke up in the night in a panic, thinking that I was having a heart attack, with pains running down my left arm. Then I realised that I did circuit training the previous morning so was actually feeling the burn from that instead!!! I also have dodgy hips from carrying the youngest far too much; he is a strapping four year old, as tall as some of his brother’s friends who are a few years older than him. So really, I should break the habit, it is nice having a big cuddle but going any distance carrying him is painful to say the least! Come the evening when they go off to sleep I just want to settle down myself, stretch out and watch TV in bed!

The living room is not the tranquil escape I hope for, the toys still seem dotted around everywhere so our bedroom is a chance to unwind and relax until the following day and forget about childcare concerns/petty squabbles for a few hours! But seeing as lately we spend so much more time in our bedroom, I think we need to invest in a BIGGER bed! I read once about Brad and Angelina having a giant bed so all six children can join them in the morning! Our bed seems on the small size as it’s a squeeze fitting us all in! So, we tend to try and get an extra few minutes and after that, it’s not so comfortable when you have a leg in your face or an elbow in your stomach…

I think it’s time to search through super king size mattresses and with prices that are so affordable, you don’t need to be a celebrity to buy one! Phew, as my acting skills never progressed beyond amateur performances at the local theatre when I was 9 years old. Being able to stretch out comfortably might help all my aches and pains or with it being so big I could lie really still and quiet in the corner of the mattress so that the boys might forget that I’m there and go back to sleep themselves!

So that’s my plan, now I just need to decide what I can clear out of our bedroom to make room for more bed! Do we really need clothes, ornaments and knick knacks? I think not, sleep is my priority! I finally want to get my fill…

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