The Ugglys Review

Youngest has adopted a new friend! My youngest lacks certain airs and graces so
this pet suits him completely, they are like kindred spirits destined to live,
love and burp together… Yes
our new addition to the family is quite grotty, an electronic pup-pet, you can
put your hand in and move his mouth around. 
He is quite endearing in a lost cause sort of way!

absolutely adores him and his funny gross sounds. Having an adoption certificate was a nice touch, made it feel
like proper pet ownership with all the wind of a dog, but without needing to
scoop up anything afterwards thankfully! 
Youngest wanted to call him “Nicey”, eldest said “Stinky”! But youngest did not want to give him a
grotty name, as despite being remarkably ugly, he loves him to bits!

think these are a good novelty and obviously something children will find
funny! Perhaps not quite as funny for
the adults trying to instil good manners in their children, but I have lost
hope of doing that, so perhaps this new pet will let him get all his gross out
before he steps outside the front door and engages with the real world!!!

it or not you can make 30 sounds with the little dog! Quite a range really so plenty of fun to be had! The dial on his collar means you can change
the pitch of sounds. But
a volume control would have been nice too, so you can enjoy quiet puppy

can find out more about from the website.

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