Visa helping us all go a little faster

This video makes me giggle, a doting granddad on the way to celebrate the arrival of his first grandchild buying flowers, a giant teddy and balloons along the way! Although I cannot imagine my dad doing the same, the adoration of the newborn bit yes of course but the whizzing around using a smart phone and a Visa contactless card to make purchases, I think he would be happier still fending off the sheep with a walking stick!

But maybe I should encourage him to embrace technology as it took years off this proud granddad. You can be remarkably faster these days using a contactless card. So much easier than faffing about entering a pin number (or trying to remember the number for that matter!). My dad might surprise himself and enjoy such an easy way to buy things. He could speed around getting his old ales, liquorice allsorts and chelsea buns with no help from my mum…

Perhaps I should get him some go faster trainers or a skateboard for his next birthday! Then my mum will be proper impressed. To be fair I have yet to give contactless payments a go, so I think its time I stopped making excuses and sped up my own shopping experience! Perhaps then youngest would behave better in shops, as we would be done so much quicker!

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