A sprinkling of Pepsi Max Magic

My two love magic tricks and shows, eldest always
seems to be roped in as an assistant to help. 
He adores getting up on stage and seeing the reaction of the
audience. He has been quite lucky and
been awarded in balloon animals for his efforts. So they also enjoy watching Dynamo in action and his special brand of street magic. The latest video seeing him working his magic on Pepsi Max was met with lots of enthusiasm too and praise “good”.

I love the way Dynamo nonchalantly walks off after doing something so amazing as if for him its just how it rolls, whilst all of us are left in awe at what just happened trying and failing to make sense of it! It never looks like a trick I always feel like he is secretly magic, and its nice to think we have our own Harry Potter but a much cooler variant with Dynamo. Perhaps Harry Potter should have been drinking Pepsi Max…

I think if I tried ice would go scuttling across the floor and we would no doubt skid on it and land on our bottoms. Magic I am not! So I will just enjoy drinking Pepsi Max and watching Dynamo instead. I do not want to recreate it or figure it out, I just want to admire him!

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