Abbey Home Media DVD Bundle Competition

It’s an exciting time
with lots of new releases by Abbey Home Media on the way so I thought it would
be nice to host a DVD bundle competition for four of these titles for no less
than three lucky winners!

So what do we have on
offer to tempt you all? Well in the bundle there is Alphablocks: Letter Teams
Volume 3 (release date 19th of August), 64 Zoo Lane: The Story of
Jungle Ball (release date 26th of August), The Adventures of Abney
& Teal: Faraway Island (release date 9th of September) and last
but certainly not least Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time (release date 16th
of September).

All these DVD’s are
perfect for entertaining younger children, we had two very wet days lately and
it’s hard to come up with lots of idea’s to keep my boys entertained in our
little village. It’s very handy to have
a selection of DVD’s like this to hand to give you a welcome break from den
building, playdoh crafting and hide and seek! 
Sometimes it’s just nice to snug in together on the sofa and enjoy some
down time, one ear absentmindedly listening to the pitter patter of rain drops
but not minding all of a sudden as the boys are happily absorbed into an episode and
calm is restored.

Each of the DVD’s
features firm favourites of my boys, I enjoyed the Alphablocks series
especially as I do find them educational for youngest especially, it’s a great
way to engage him as he can only focus on traditional learning for a short
burst of time (unlike his brother who lately managed to do a learning book in one sitting
I was impressed he had the concentration for it!).

the titles are available to buy from good stockists. If you would like a chance of winning one of the three bundles
please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 28th of August
(but do bear in mind that the prizes will not be sent until all the DVD’s have
been released).

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180 thoughts on “Abbey Home Media DVD Bundle Competition

  1. I've been looking for some DVDs for my son for a while now, these look great, will have to buy him some if I don't win

  2. This is a great prize, These DVDs would be great Christmas presents for my little niece and nephew. Thank you.

  3. fab giveaway.. i would keep this as a gift for my little nephew who is at the age whered he'd love this.. Itd be a perfect xmas gift.. (yes sorry for mentioning xmas)

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