Almost over

summer holiday has had its moments but on the whole I have enjoyed spending so
much precious time with my two mischievous monkeys! It’s with mixed emotions that the holiday draws to a close.

We have kept quite busy. 
There has been plenty on in the community, a drama workshop, craft
sessions, a nature trail, a Zoolab session meeting some creepy crawlies at the library (I held
a cockroach go me!) and an entertaining magic show.

We have seen family and friends and had visits to the
seaside eating far too much ice cream and donuts in the process and failing at
crabbing again (why do we never ever manage to get even one, a little one would
do!). The boys enjoyed some rides and
2p machines though which helped with the disappointment of a crab free haul!

The beach comes with its own set of hazards; dive bombing
seagulls and dogs that are drawn to peeing on our sand sandcastles!!! Anything
remotely raised seems a target for some breeds! Our beach bag got hit the other day, hubbie had to rinse it off
in the sea… ha.

Further a field we have been to Knowsley Safari Park, Greenwood
Forest Park, the farm and a cinema road trip to see Monster’s University.

But part of me will be glad I can get the house in some
kind of order, probably cut back on food shopping a little (blimey do they go through
snacks at a right old rate!) and maybe use my extra time to learn how to
cook. My friends are always going on
about their slow cooker recipes and what they have rustled up in the kitchen… I
just listen on in awe!

My favourite memory of the summer has to be the boys
deciding that whilst they are together for the holidays they are each other’s best

They seem to have got much
closer over this holiday; admittedly they still fight (a lot!) yet they are
cuddling more and enjoying each others company.

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