#FingerLimber Entry

you do some interesting things as a blogger, this might be one of the most
unusual, certainly drawing stocking marks and knickers in pen on my fingers and trying
desperately (and by and large failing!) to do a sexy dance with said fingers. We even added some props to dress the scene
and my hubbie draw a very pretty backdrop bless him! I wanted to add some sequins on the backdrop but he was having
none of it, he had a design image and sequins were not part of his creative

was the fingers to begin with but he decided my filming skills were weak, so we
swapped roles and I had to take to the stage. 
Although I do think he was the sexier dancer of the pair of us. Given more preparation I might have had the
flexibility for some proper splits. Using the chair did not quite work out as well as I hoped either! But then my natural dancing technique is just to move one foot to the another and repeat.

But here is our entry into the competition and it would be
lovely if you could give us your vote, even if it’s just out of pity! I do not mind winning out of sympathy and I
do have so many lovely followers. The prize is rather fabulous £1000 and the voting closes on the 18th of August.

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